TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Jun 10–Jun 16, 2019

Jun 18 · 2 min read

I. Ecosystem Update

1.TRON hit record-high total accounts

The TRON ecosystem has been developing rapidly since its launch. As of June 13th, 2019, TRON’s total accounts have exceeded 3.1 million, reaching 3,107,241. As TRON’s ecosystem prospers, we will see more transactions and more applications of the blockchain technology.

II. Product Development

1. Navigation bar update

Added “DApp” to the navigation bar, making it easier for users to call DApps.

2. Supported multiple social media platforms

Various social media platforms are shown on the “token” page, making project management easier.

3. The “token self-entry” feature is nearly completed and has been delivered for testing.

The following new features will be available after the launch:
(1) More efficient token entry — token entry can be finished in seconds;
(2) Unified token entry for TRC10 and TRC20 tokens;
(3) Unified entry for “create” and “update” — easier long-term maintenance.

4. Updated ”CONTRACTS” page

”Block” and “Age” columns have been added to “CONTRACT TRIGGERS” page, making it easier for users to read information.

III. Operation Update

1. Father’s Day Campaign on Twitter

TRONSCAN launched a Father’s Day campaign on Twitter named “Code your love for dad at @TRONSCAN_ORG” with 6,000 TRX rewards to give away. This is to thank community members for their support for TRONSCAN and a big thank you to all fathers for the great things they have done. Click here for details.

2. This Week’s Issue of Focus: Exceptions on Ledger & How to transfer TRX from MyEtherWallet to TRONSCAN Wallet.

Ledger exceptions: The recent Windows 10 update might have caused Ledger exceptions. If you have updated to the latest system of Window 10, please click here to check out the solutions.

TRX Transfer from MyEtherWallet to TRONSCAN Wallet: TRX in MyEtherWallet are ERC20 standard tokens, and they cannot be transferred directly to TRON MainNet addresses. You need to swap these tokens for TRON MainNet tokens on exchanges that support permanent TRX migration (Binance,, Kucoin) before transferring to TRONSCAN Wallet.

3. Token listing this week: CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX) & Rocket coin (Rocket) & APL (APL)

CryptoCannabisGame (CCGX): A TRC20 token used in CryptoCannabisGame DApp.
Rocket coin (Rocket): A TRC20 token issued based on TRON’s blockchain, providing dividends and granting voting rights.
APL(APL): A TRC20 token issued by ATTEX official team, giving users access to enjoy the benefits of ATTEX ecosystem, representing the core interest of ATTEX.


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