Tronscan Weekly Report | Mar.18–24 2019

Mar 26 · 2 min read

Product Development Progress

1. Time filter launched for pages including blocks, transactions and transfers.

In order to make transaction query easier for users, Tronscan launched the Time Filter feature which is available for blocks, transactions, and transfers on the “blockchain page”; transactions and transfers on contract information page, address information page and token information page are also supported. Users can query transactions at any time since the MainNet launch with better precision.

2. New ledger feature under development, expected to be able to support transactions at exchanges, TRC 20 transfers etc. next week.

Tronscan is working round the clock on ledger development. This update of ledger will involve features like trade on the Bancor exchange, TRC20 transfers, token name duplication, token decimal, etc. The development is rounding up and the new update is just around the corner.

3. Tronscan is developing chart series for contract and energy consumption.

When this chart series go live, users can look up the overall energy consumption on TRON’s main chain and that of each smart contract in a more vivid way.


1. Three TRC 20 tokens has been listed on Tronscan’s token list: Dootron (DOO), Wrapped Tron (WTRX) and ICEDIUM (ICD).

2. Customer service system Zendesk is to be launched

In order to provide the best customer service, Tronscan is going to launch Zendesk, the largest SaaS customer service platform, providing users with online submission of tickets, viewing the latest news, online chat and other services. Welcome to experience the powerful and flexible platform.

Main Chain

1. №20 proposal of multi-signature for TRON main chain has been passed by the Committee with 20 votes and has been officially released. See details:


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