TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Sep 30–Oct 6, 2019

Oct 9 · 2 min read

I. Product Development

1. Launched the block explorer that supports Sun Network

With the launch of SUN Network supporting block explorer on TRONSCAN, users can switch between main chain and side chain with just one click.

2. Supports TRON MainNet SRs staking mechanism change

TRONSCAN will enable change of TRON MainNet SRs staking mechanism. The relevant product requirements have been reviewed and is now under development.

3. Community developer reward plan info page is underway

TRONSCAN is making the info page displaying reward plan for community developers. When it is done, the page will display developer reward in real-time, further incentivizing developers to contribute more to the community.

II. Operation Update

1. TRONSCAN celebrated the launch of the SUN Network block explorer

A “retweet to win” campaign was held on TRONSCAN official Twitter account to celebrate the launch of the SUN Network block explorer. 10 users won the giveaways of 200 TRX each.

2. TRONSCAN held TRONSCAN Quiz Week campaign

The 7-day TRONSCAN Quiz Week was held on TRONSCAN official Twitter account to help users know more about the TRON ecosystem and TRONSCAN, and also as a thank-you gift to users for their enduring support. 20 users received 4000 TRX in total. More campaigns are coming. Join us to have fun!

3. Key issues this week: what is the new deposit feature about?

Users can deposit TRON mainchain assets into SUN Network (Dappchain). The result is an increase of balance in your sidechain account and a deduction of the same amount in your mainchain account balance. TRX and TRC-10 tokens can be deposited right away by default, but TRC-20 tokens must be mapped by the issuer before depositing.

4. 14 new token entries this week

10 new TRC-10 tokens and 4 new TRC-20 tokens were included this week.


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