TRONSCAN: Launches On the Tron Network

Tron’s token based economy is being launched by Justin Sun and is driving massive growth. The use case within this ecosystem is helping to develop many quality projects and is a competetor to Ethereum. No other project has the user growth that Tron has been building during the bear market.

Tron Wallet Me App. Another recent development, for Tron, has been the creation of software applications on IOS. One such app, Tron Wallet Me, has launched with many popular Tronscan tokens. The Lovehearts Token is a verified token within this app and is available now. The app is making waves throughout the community and I believe this is one reason we have seen so much growth for the overall users of Tron. It also helps when Justin Sun retweets and provides videos for the project.

As you can see below, The Tron Wallet Me app lists Lovehearts and is featuring it within the IOS platform. Each token has a price point with relation to the price of Tron.

HummingPay Partnership. In October, HummingPay launched a partnership with Lovehearts and is now part of their network. This brings trust, verification, and a real world use case to the Lovehearts token. This partnership enhances the application of this token and brings it to the forefront of all Tron Tokens.

You can see below the way Humming Pay will help grow the Lovehearts token. Hummingpay takes the technical issues away, making the user have an easier experience. Mass adoption needs products like this to make tokens viable in the real world. This is what makes the partnerships such a big deal.

Total Users. As of today, Lovehearts user base sits at 4,545 holders. This has come in a very short period of time and with the launch of the app above, we will see even further growth. The overall circulating supply is at 103,077,0482 Lovehearts and the value currently sits at 1:4 TRX/LVH. Instead of liking things on Twitter and social media, you will be able to tip LVH that people can actually use. This brings value to the twitter sharing ecosystem. Check out their website today.



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