9 spectacular hotels that blew our socks off

The world is an amazing place and there are plenty of amazing places to stay while you discover it. For the last few months, we’ve been busy researching the world’s best hotels in preparation for the launch of our new booking platform. Only the most special have been selected for recommendation, but a few have struck us as being particularly unique or indulgent. Here are the 9 most spectacular hotels that you’ll soon be able to book for yourself or other travelers with TRVL.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Photo by marinabaysands.com

The architects and designers really went to town on the Marina Bay Sands hotel resort in Singapore. The swimming pool is a particularly special kind of spectacular. Straddling the resort’s three 55-story towers, the Infinity Pool has a 146m ‘vanishing edge’ and offers up stunning views of the city.

Playa Viva, Mexico

Photo by playaviva.com

You might have stayed near the coast before, but have you ever slept in a treehouse on the beach? Surrounded by palm trees swaying in the breeze, Playa Viva’s inspired treehouse serves up peace, tranquility, and fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.

Falada Crane Hotel, Netherlands

Photo by faralda.com

Amsterdam: canals, coffee shops, and luxury cranes. That’s right. The Falada Crane Hotel is not only one of the most innovative accommodations in Europe; it’s one of the most creatively imagined spaces in the world. Three luxury suites, one incredible crane.

Casa de Uco, Argentina

Photo from casadeucoresort.com

With sweeping views of the Andes and the Uco Valley, as well as having its own, private vineyard, you don’t have to think for too long about what makes Casa de Uco so special. Put your feet up for a few days here and let the wonderful wine, food, and scenery do its work.

Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway

Photo by kirkenessnowhotel.com

Bricks and mortar are overrated. The magical Kirkenes Snowhotel is built almost entirely out of ice, constructed each winter from scratch after having melted in the summer. Ice sculptures, husky trails, a balmy temperature of -4° in your room — don’t worry, sleeping bags that can withstand conditions as low as -35° are provided.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Photo by atlantisthepalm.com

‘Sleeping with the fishes’ is not normally encouraged, but at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai you can do exactly that. The stunning Underwater Suites have views that look straight into the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium, where upwards of 65,000 fish and other marine animals are swimming around. The suites don’t come cheap, but you’ve got to be a little bit shellfish now and then.

Residenza Napoleone III, Italy

Photo by residenzanapoleone.com

The lavish Residenza Napoleone III in Rome is fit for a king. Or should that be emperor? Napoleon III lived here in 1830 and so beautiful is the Napoleone Suite that they seem to be expecting him back at any moment. The oil paintings, marble bathroom, and antique flourishes are just some of the features that make this one of the most gloriously opulent apartments you’re ever likely to see.

TUVE, Hong Kong

Photo by tuve.hk

The stripped-back minimalism of the boutique TUVE in Hong Kong proves that less can be more. Inspired by moody, brooding photographs of Lake Tuve in Sweden, the hotel’s designers used only the most natural materials — including granite, oak, and marble — to create something special, clinical and ever so slightly haunting.

Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, USA

Photo by dreamcatchertipihotel.com

The great outdoors have never been so glamorous. The Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel boasts a stunning location just a few miles from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park, and the magnificent surroundings are matched only by the sleep-inducingly cozy interiors of the luxurious, Sioux-style tipis.

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Originally published at trvl.com.

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