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You want to see the Eiffel Tower when you visit Paris. You want to see the Statue of Liberty when you visit New York. But how do you go about really getting to know a city?

For the quirky characters and characterful quirks, you need to spend time in a city’s neighborhoods. These are where you’ll find the family-run pizzerias and the low-ceilinged pubs, the most stylish boutiques and the dustiest bookstores, the trendiest bars and the hidden art galleries.

You can go and see the big sights wherever it is you choose to stay, of course, and so what can really make or break your trip is choosing the right neighborhood to stay in. If the vibe is all wrong, the restaurants too expensive, or the public transit connections to the city center too infrequent, you won’t get as much out of your trip as you would have when staying in your perfect neighborhood.

That’s where TRVL comes in.

TRVL has dissected over 500 of the world’s top destinations into easy-to-navigate neighborhood guides — so you can experience the city like a local. Whether you’re a self-confessed foodie going to Copenhagen, a bohemian art lover en route to Paris or a specialty coffee fiend sniffing out the best brew in Amsterdam, TRVL will help you to discover your perfect neighborhood.

The real beauty of TRVL, however, is that its innovative, peer-to-peer booking platform can link you up to a local expert to help you book your perfect, locally-inspired trip. This TRVL agent will be able to help you book the best hotel in the most suitable neighborhood, and even throw in a few recommendations for great bars, pubs, and restaurants that are close to where you’re staying.

By booking your holiday with TRVL, you only ever pay what you would pay normally. The difference, however, is that you stay in a neighborhood, city or other destination that has been recommended to you by TRVL or a TRVL agent.

TRVL is currently in closed beta. To get on the invite list to receive early access, please CLICK HERE to request an invite and we’ll get you started as soon as possible.

Power to the traveler!

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