How do you find your perfect hotel?

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So you’re planning a trip to Rome and begin searching for a hotel. There are literally thousands to choose from. With so many hotels and websites to look at, how can you ever be certain — like, really certain — that you’re picking the hotel most suited to you?

More choice doesn’t always mean better choice. The best options are those that have been personally recommended, either by someone you know or someone who’s in the know. That’s where TRVL comes in.

The TRVL team has broken down 500 cities into their respective neighborhoods, and then hand-picked only the very best hotels in those areas. These hotels have made the cut for some very specific reasons — none of which are based on commissions from the property. Maybe they’ve collaborated with a local design studio, or their restaurant is a neighborhood favorite, or their communal area acts as a meeting space for wandering freelancers. Whatever their USP, all of the featured hotels have one thing in common — we at TRVL wouldn’t think twice about staying in them ourselves.

But there’s more. TRVL enables travelers to tailor-make trips for you and others like you. TRVL agents can find out about your interests, your budget, and the kind of neighborhood you want to stay in, and then send you a list of recommended hotels accordingly. These can be drawn from TRVL’s list of recommended hotels, or they could be a little, hidden gem that we’ve somehow overlooked but which the agent thought about straight away. The TRVL agent can tell you about the best cafes, bars, and restaurants close to your favorite hotel, too.

By booking your holiday on TRVL, you only ever pay what you would pay normally. The difference, however, is that you stay in a hotel that has been recommended to you by TRVL or a TRVL agent.

TRVL is currently in closed beta. To get on the invite list to receive early access, please request an invite here and we’ll get you started as soon as possible.

Power to the traveler!

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