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The launch of TRVL’s new booking platform is just a few weeks away. We couldn’t be more excited, and so wanted to share a few stories from some of our beta testers.

Cathy and her husband will be spending a night in Charlotte, North Carolina, Coen will be going to New York City for 5 days, and Adrie, Annelies, and their friends have booked a 4-night stay in Valencia.

Cathy — Emory, Virginia, USA

Cathy and her husband love to travel, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean, but their long-term ambition is to relocate permanently to Mexico. For the time being they are happy spending a few months there each year, and have already booked their next trip. However, they still needed to book a night in a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina so they could catch their flight the next day. Cathy read about TRVL and signed up for the beta.

She told us: “I was surprised that the particular hotel I had in mind came up straight away on the first page.” Cathy booked the hotel and was especially impressed with the interface and how easy it was to use. However, what she is really looking forward to is helping out other travelers by becoming an agent. “Our travels have provided us with many experiences, tips, and techniques,” Cathy says. “We’d love to share these with other people to encourage them to be more adventurous and discover places more off the beaten track!”

Coen — Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Coen works in the tech industry and loves to travel. He had been itching to get back to New York ever since his last visit in 2010, and trying out TRVL gave him the excuse to finally get around to booking something. He linked up with Joan, who runs her own business just outside Amsterdam. Joan had signed up to test out the platform from an agent’s perspective because she gets her kicks from helping other people discover the world. Joan sent Coen a number of options and he loved the look of the Ace Hotel. He also booked tickets for the Top of the Rock, which Joan promised would make for an unforgettable experience. “I like that the hotels, flights, and activities are all on the same screen,” Coen said, and he is now looking forward to a great holiday. As for Joan, she takes home a tidy $314.

Adrie and Annelies — Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Jan’s parents, Adrie and Annelies, like to go away with friends once or twice a year. They often come to Jan for tips because he travels a lot, either for pleasure or with work. Adrie and Annelies had already settled on Valencia as their next destination, but before booking anything they asked Jan if he had any suggestions. Jan was subscribed to TRVL’s beta list and knew that they were looking for people to test the platform. He told his parents he could go one better than just giving them a few hints and tips.

“The curated content and hotels on TRVL made it really easy to create a trip for my parents,” Jan said. “I knew that they prefer apartments to hotels and in less than 15 minutes I had sent them a list of recommended accommodation and flight options.” Adrie and Annelies booked a 4-night trip based on Jan’s recommendations, and Jan made $42. “What I really enjoyed more than the money, though, was being able to create a trip that I know my parents and their friends will love.”

Do you want to join Joan and Jan and become a TRVL agent, or join Cathy, Coen, and Adrie and Annelies by booking your next great trip with TRVL? Visit to find out more and sign up!

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