TRXMarket AMA with Thilda Ma,Chief Operating Officer of TRONUP

Aug 7 · 8 min read

TRXMarket presents a series of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) in our Official Telegram Community(, to build a closer relationship between project and the community. Join us and ask anything you want to know!

The third episode of AMA series was with Thilda Ma,COO of TRONUP.

Host: Welcome our guest Thilda Ma!

Thilda Ma: Hello everyone,I’m Thilda Ma,COO of TRONUP.

Host: Welcome, Thilda! Before the AMA, can you make a brief intro of yourself and your project?

Thilda Ma: Okay.Thanks for inviting me. I’m Thilda Ma,COO of TRONUP.☺️

Actually,I’m a Blockchain & Bitcoin & TRON follower and I have a two-year experience in investing on Bitcoin.Before joining TRONUP, I engaged in a Internet game company, and have a extensive experience in the operation and promotion of traditional games. Understood the drawbacks,I was disappointed with the chaos in the Internet game industry. With a special opportunity,I discover that the blockchain Dapp game has a broader prospect than the traditional game field, so I started the TRONUP.IO with my two friends.

Host: Really rich experience!

Thilda Ma: Thank you

Host: And following are some questions from the community that our users really want to know. The first question is What problem does your project solve?

Thilda Ma: As I said before,there are many drawbacks to centralized gaming, and there are too many human manipulations, which has led to the online gaming industry being accused of fraud and cheating by players. In the United States, dozens of online gaming sites have gone bankrupt or been ordered by the authorities to shut down since 2011. So far, millions of dollars of user deposits have not been returned to players.

As the player’s interest continues to rise and the choices are few and far between, they can only risk investing funds in these centralized gaming platforms, which cannot be guaranteed in terms of privacy, fairness and security.

Host: Yes, that’s a very severe drawback of traditional gaming

Thilda Ma: But with blockchain, in which all accounts and information are open, this problem can be solved.

On the blockchain, all accounts and information are open and not tampering. Combined with the intelligent contract, Dapp games put an end to the possibilities of scam by platform.

On the other hand, dapps also performs more games than traditional gaming platforms in terms of protecting users’ privacy and asset storage security.

Host: Yes, quite agree with you. blockchain may become the soluntion for all the problems you mentioned in traditional gaming.And here comes the second question from our community. Are TRONUP team planning to launch a mobile app ? For easy access on the go?

Thilda Ma: Yes, it’s in our plan. We will launch the web version of Dapp Store in the next step, and in 2019 Q4, we will publish the multi-chain wallet which is the integration of communication community, chat tool and DApp central.

Tronup solve the possible mistrust issues between users and gaming platform. At the same time, we keep expanding users and application scenarios.UP tokens ensure that investors can continue to generate revenue.We’ll let more people join and play with all means:)

Host: Look forward! Thank you! And now is the 3rd question. Is it possible if TRONUP is available in various exchange markets? Our users quite care about this.

Thilda Ma: Yes, of course.Now users can trade $UP token on the following exchanges:,Trontrade,and Tronwatch.

We are still promoting cooperation with other exchanges.In the near future, $UP token will launch more exchanges. After the number of users and the volume of transactions have achieved our goal, we will also try to launch Binance,just like WINk:)

Host: Wow, I smell that UP will be very popular in the future

Thilda Ma: It will,I belive it:)

Host: And our users also want to know what next tronup make planning to make they interesting.

Thilda Ma: First, we are developing more games. Pocker is on the way. Second, we’ll cooperate with more games as well as wallets to give more bounties and giveaway. Third, you’ll see more funny events such as Partner Plan and Inviting Race, made more people playing and win huge.

You need to know this event ( )

With 150,000 $TRX rewards, many players like it and joined.There are only 3 days left until the end of the event,so don’t miss it, play here: (

Host: Can’t wait for the new ones! Now is 5th question: What has been the biggest technical challenge that you overcame this year? WIn, 888, etc already have the strong blockchain solution — what is it that makes your solution better? How can developers & technical people contribute for your platform ?

Thilda Ma: Well,we spent a lot of time to ensure the security of smart contracts, and it turned out that we did a good job. In the past two months, there have been no contract security incidents happened to

Our team have participated in several chain projects and we have a fairly deep understanding of ETH and TRON.

On the other hand,we will publish a support program for DAPP developers in Q4, 2019, and provide developers with API and tools to promote the ecological development.

Host: Security is of great importance, and you did a great job! Now let’s begin our 6th question. Will Tronup always focus on gaming, or will they expand their platform to other areas as well?

Thilda Ma: Firstly,to make $UP token holders has a continuous revenue, we will gradually access ads and give benefits to UP token holders.

And as I said just now, we will launch the web version of Dapp Store in the next step, and in 2019 Q4, we will publish the multi-chain wallet which is the integration of communication community, chat tool and DApp central.That will made $UP tokens valuable in the future.

Host: A very good plan!

Thilda Ma: Thank you! We are a part of TRON ecology,and we will do more valuable things for TRON ecology in the future.

Host: Let’s go forward together! for a better TRON, and for the best to our users. the 7th question is What makes you different from other apps or games? And How do you guarantee refunds to your users?

Thilda Ma: Thank you. There are 3 main points.

1.We adopted the model of Mining without Loss. And in this Mining Model, players can always get $UP rewards equal to their $TRX cost for mining, and the stable revenue will ensure the fairness of players, whenever they bet on the platform.

2.We created a mechanism of burning $UP to claim dividends, this not only controls the $UP amount in the market but also allows users to enjoy a 200% ROI.

3.The house edge is 3% on . 50% of the platform profit will be transferred into the dividend pool, and 10% for the Auction, 10% for the Jackpot and Leaderboard, 5% for recycling $UP in the market, 25% for the team.

Host: Seems quite profitable! really a good project for investment

Thilda Ma: Yes that’s why many people support us and more and more people join and play:)

Host: I think there will be more and more people come and invest your project. One of our users says, “I have seen a lot of projects in the field of gambling like this and most of them always experience price reductions and even tend to fail because prices are destroyed. My question is what kind of strategy will you do to make TRONUP grow and be successful in the future?”

Thilda Ma: Wow,you can see that $UP are still valuable in the market.And many people invest.Here is the answer:

1. We will publish more games for our users and launch the dapp store and mobile app to attract more players.

2. We will cooperate with other development teams to build the platform.

3. We adopted some efficient mechanisms, such as Mining without Loss model, burning UP to claim dividends. And we will try to publish more creative gameplay to satisfy our users.

4. As you can see on our platform, we often launched events with rich rewards, which have helped us attract a lot of new users, and the trading volume of our platform is also rising.

Host: I bet this user will be quite satisfactory with your answers!

Thilda Ma: Wish users will be satisfied with it.

Host: Only two questions left, the 9th is what is your plan in next 3 years?

Thilda Ma: Haha,we do have a long-term plan.

※2019, Q3:

- Launch the second and the third game of TRON UP.

- Support the main Tokens on other chains to play games on TRON UP.

- Support the other TRC10 Tokens and TRC20 Tokens on TRON.

- Launch the web version of Dapp Store.

※ 2019, Q4:

- Launch the fourth and the fifth game of TRON UP.

- Cooperate with the blockchain social platform and build the TRON UP communication community.

- Launch the multi-chain wallet which is the integration of communication community, chat tool and DAPP Store.

- Publish the support program for DAPP developers.

※ 2020, Q1:

- Launch the sixth game of TRON UP.

- Provide developers with API and tools to promote the ecological development.

- Support advertisement to generate additional profit and attract players.

We believe that the core spirit of blockchain technology lies in fairness, participation, sharing and win-win. In the design stage of the model, we have tried our best to adhere to these concepts into each functional detail. Our goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem with multi-function, high profit, good experience, and sustainable development in the next several years.

Host: Cool! That’s a very detailed plan, through this plan we can see that TRONUP will be better and better step by step! And the last question: what are the advantages of TRONUP against other similar project?

Thilda Ma: Well,there are 3 main points.

1. 100% produced by mining

All tokens are produced by uses’playing game via TRX. There is no fund raising and no any pre-reserved tokens.

2.Nondestructive mining model

TRON UP adopt a permanent nondestructive mining model. The difficulty of mining UP changes with the price of UP in Exchange. The amount of UP available = the betting amount * the platform superiority (currently is 3%) / the average price of WOW in the previous hour.

3.High proportion of token destroyed

TRON UP set the most efficient toke burn model for the game platform. For now, our coin destruction scene includes: consume through dividend(user gain dividend while consume part of UP), consume through audition( All of UP revenue from the audition game will be destroyed),consume through playing the game( All of the games are supported by betting on TRX and UP. When the user bet via UP, the UP commission of platform is transferred to the Black Hole account and destroyed. These three kind of mechanism will realize the continually increasing value of the token.

Host: Wow! That’s very cool!

Thilda Ma: Thank you! If you want to know more about us, the best way is to play on

Inviting Race is coming to an end.Don’t lose the chance to get millions $TRX!

Host: How time flies! Thank you for your time! Give us quite a thorough knowledge about TRONUP

Thilda Ma: Thank you. Wish more people like and join us.


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