My Investigation Into How People Get Smart

Tatsha Robertson at Harvard University March 2016

I’m fascinated by smart people, but I am even more fascinated by their parents. What’s my definition of smart? Einstein said everyone is a little Genius. However, he added: “If you try to force a fish to learn to climb a tree, that fish will grow up thinking he’s stupid.” My blog, “The Ordinary Genius Project,” is based on that idea.

It’s about finding the genius in regular people while also dissecting their earliest learning experience. Is it genes or environment? I go a little further than just looking at the genius in all of us. I also strongly believe parents have a lot to do with building our smarts. And I am so fascinated by that. For this blog, we’ve gathered random people across NYC and we picked others from across the world, dissecting their journey to smart. I explore what’s extraordinary among the ordinary as well as fascinating tips from parents, experts, and students about their thinking process, about how they organize themselves. Mostly, I want to pick their beautiful minds.

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