6 Clever Hotel and Restaurant Website Design Tips

Hotels or restaurants are going online with their tweaked information, menu (in case of restaurants), the photos and even the reservations. Many hotels and restaurants are ready to interact with their online customers with their interactive and engaging online personality. Many of them are present on multiple platforms ready to take on the visitors and convert them into their customers. With such raging popularity, online presence and omni-channel presence, most hotels or restaurants have maximized their reach and visibility and thus the profits.

But, that’s certainly not the case with most restaurants and hotels. Most restaurants/hotels don’t really think of their website as their online face, and design them just to ensure an online presence. They are not much into attractiveness or usability of the website, which in turn does not convert into user experience as they have not crafted the website accordingly. Neither is the pages optimized nor is the usability acceptable, making visitors turn away from your website.

When you are designing a restaurant or hotel website, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. Here we will detail out creative tips for your restaurant and hotel website design.

Use Neutral Shades

How would you feel when you open a restaurant site, and see bright red and orange colors on the main page? Chances are you will move away from the site, and never return. Bright colors can strain the viewer’s eyes and thus reduce visitors on your site. It will give you a negative feedback too. The idea is to build your site using neutral shades. If you want to use bright colors, use them in moderation as that will make it easy to read, and the experience will be better.

Avoid Splash Pages

Let’s say you have clicked a restaurant site, and you are navigated to the splash page. Now, that is not at all impressive, and does not inspire the user to stay longer on the site. Splash pages are no longer in trend, and so it is better you don’t use it. It is pretty tedious to get users to click through your website, and then click again to get to the content website. Avoid such pages as they act as a barrier.

Avoid Using Too Many Images

Many times websites use images even when they can avoid using it. If you fall in the same category, you are loading the page and reducing its performance. The website opens slowly, which eventually leads to loss of conversions on your website. To avoid this, use only the images that you feel necessary to showcase your restaurant’s specialty.

With images, you are unable to highlight key information, and make the website mobile friendly.

Smart CTAs Work

As a restaurant or hotel website, your call to action should stand out thus improving your conversions. Book here can be a more effective call to action when compared to book now. This may seem trivial, but it affects your conversion majorly. It is always good to hire a marketing person or agency that can look through your needs and suggest something that will ensure bookings. Every single aspect counts when defining CTA for your website. It should be visually attractive and should grab eyeballs, such that the end user does not miss out on your opportunities.

Task Focused Design

When you are designing, you need to concern yourselves with the end customers for your website. Try to find out what is your user looking for when they come to your website, and what are the tasks they are planning to accomplish with your website. When you are able to answer these questions accurately, you will be able to design better and for the end user, thus giving them exclusive user experience. You should be able to help users accomplish their tasks under a minute with your website. Apart from that, you should be able to offer same experience across the devices, thus unleashing the power of multiple platforms. If you have task focused designs, you will be able to boost your bookings, thus giving way to more conversions.

With creative website design and interface, you can boost your conversions online for your restaurant or hotel. Make sure you create something the user enjoys.

Originally published at www.trootech.com on August 29, 2016.