Myth Vs. Fact: Social Media Business as Social Commerce Business

Know What Social Media Commerce is Influencing Us to Believe

We are the sole drivers of traffic to eCommerce Platforms.”- Social Media Platforms.

“Uh no! You only drive 2/3 of the traffic with the least possibilities of lead conversions.”- The Social Commerce made it a point, “Also, there are many such myths which the startups aiming for Social Media Business should know to be future-proof about their revenue model, if at all they are planning to earn from the eCommerce platforms and their inventories.”

Have a look at the famous beliefs that are firmly imposed by the Social Media Platforms to get to earn more from the eCommerce channels:

Myth #1

The users of the social media platforms are under the impression that they are socializing while the inventories are inorganically feed into their news feeds.

This kind of creates a disturbance in the mind of the users - whether to get directed to the site or to continue their Binge-watching.

Social Commerce stays unbeaten and authentic platform for eCommerce.

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Social Media Platforms undoubtedly influence the customers in a way, but the only benefit eCommerce portals enjoy is in the matter of traffic and views.

Talking about the Social Commerce, it has the potential to drive the users to the eCommerce portals with a strong purchase intent.


The Social Media Platforms do not create any demand. They create a virtual cloud with the, ‘Shop now’ and ‘Buy’ options, however the conversion rate is quite low.

On a flip side, the Social Commerce is a platform where the demand can be generated since the users post their requirement and write reviews for the products they like.

This in turn manipulates their friends into assuming a dearth and hence, demand can be created.


The Social Media Platforms have got a myriad of sure-fire tools for marketing and eCommerce portals are the hungry vultures.

This encourages eCommerce portals to invest into the social media platforms in the form of advertisements, social pages, invites, etc.

But this is only limited to traffic, the engagement and conversion rate is very low.

However, with the help of Social Commerce platforms, the users exactly know where they are directed to and what they are supposed to do once they get directed on the landing eCommerce portal.



The inventories, buy options, shop now, get a quote, all these options are scattered all over the Social Media Platforms.

The users can hence get directed to the platform, but in turn when they reach the platform and find something completely different, they are tend to bounce off.

Sure is the fact that the search ranking increases but the increase of the bounce rate also cannot be overlooked.


The investment done on the Social Media Platforms in the form of Ads by the eCommerce portals may or may not gain a good value.

But in case of Social Commerce, the subscription of accounts by the eCommerce marketing managers surely pays them off quite well.


This is a big-shot myth.

The repeat purchases are often influenced by the satisfaction about the product and the eCommerce platforms have got more share into compelling the users to make repeat purchases.

On the other hand, when a user gets good offer for his requirement, he might think to go for it again and thus, repeat purchase.


The social media platform is used by the users to get personal to their friends and family members.

Well, this is the unwritten rule of the social media business.

No unnatural feed can help the user get personal to the eCommerce platforms.

In the completely different case, the social commerce helps the users share the product reviews and ratings and can recommend the products to the postings of their friends. This is what can help the eCommerce portal to earn more of a loyal user base.


Social media cannot at all claim to retain customers while they divert the traffic from their platforms to the eCommerce portal.

They are only the medium to let the users navigate.


The marketing can be done on the Social Media platforms with the help of ads, social pages, boosting posts, inventories, shop now options, and buy now buttons, etc.

While from the Social Commerce Platform opens up wide doors to marketing. There can be a subscription model for the marketing managers and they can make customized discounts, referrals, promo codes, gift coupons, etc., to drive away the users, including the methodologies of Social Media Marketing.

Take-home Message

Social Commerce platform is anyhow better than the camouflaged Social Media Platform’s intention to commerce.

There are certain features about the Social Commerce Platform that better helps the eCommerce platform’s reach to address the right problem of the users.

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