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Travel Technologies are Hiking

Travel & hospitality has evolved in the digital era, and have transformed the way they serve consumers with the help of travel technology. The reason being the way travel is being consumed has evolved with time. Earlier, people needed to visit physical locations or agents to get their bookings done. Telephonic or visiting the hotels would get them prior bookings. Agents were their sole reliance when it came to bookings for a different city or country. There was restricted travel and knowledge of travel in that era. But, with digitization of travel, things have evolved. Consumers are becoming insatiable when it comes to travel, and there are different modes of completing travel now with travel software development. You can complete travel and accommodation bookings online. In fact, you can even book local transport, guides and the local sightseeing online in this evolving travel age and time. You get better offers, and there are enough people to tell you how and where you can travel. The travel time, distances and modes are available on the different travel websites. You can even get ratings and consumer reviews & feed backs on the travel websites, which makes travel even more consumer friendly.

How is all this available so easily? What is the main reason travel has become so accommodating to the people? One of the major factors helping the growth of this industry is the GDS that helps with real-time availability of data, and helps the consumer compare and choose the travel plan accordingly.

Amadeus is one such travel reservation software, which has been widely used, and will eventually evolve the whole online travel agency scenario. Let’s understand Amadeus, and how it works.

Amadeus CRS: An Overview

Amadeus is a global distribution system, or computer reservation software which allows consumers to book trains, ferry, cruises, car rentals and hotel rooms, if you integrate it to your travel website development. It collects the data in real-time and offers it to the different online travel agents who want to help ease travel bookings for the consumer. This resolves the whole big data issue which has been troubling the online travel world for a while now. You can get any type of information related to overbooking, prices, and even places that are good to stay through this database in real-time.

While you have been looking for flights, if there is a flight which has slashed the rates or has been booked, you would know of it immediately, so that you can re-plan your trip completely. It’s global distribution system has been adopted by top players in travel. It integrates and helps various online travel agents in real-time dissemination of information. It is a part of IATA and SITA.

The Amadeus GDS allows you to distribute your inventory and content and make sure you are able to reach out to millions of people who are planning their travel, and booking for that

With Amadeus, you can make both B2B and B2C distribution easy and simple. You connect the travel agents with the inventory, and commit to real time distribution. This simply means you can get more visibility to both agents and the inventory, and offer better pricing solutions to the user. You need a GDS to make your travel app development a success

Going Ahead with Hospitality

When it came to online travel agent, flights were atop their mind. Hotel inventory was not available with such effectiveness as travel related inventory was made available. This meant end users would not get details of certain good, yet lesser known hotels in a particular city, and would miss out on them. In fact, hotel bookings till not very long ago, accounted for only a small percentage of online travel bookings. The GDS was not supported for hotel bookings.

But Amadeus seems to be changing the scenario for hotels with its travel solutions. Amadeus LinkHotel a part of Amadeus is a multi-GDS services company using which hotels can distribute their content and inventory to Amadeus global distribution system, and others like Sabre, Travelport etc. Once the hotel inventory is available on the GDS, users can easily track the hotel inventory and book online at a better price deal.

This simple connection will get hotels listed to a huge number of GDS, which in turn will make the inventory visible to numerous people across the globe.

Inventory management and booking becomes easy with the help of a good global distribution system, and Amadeus surely makes it totally convenient. Travel business will evolve with this new inclusion, and gain an edge.

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Originally published at on April 13, 2016.