TST 1700 — a Review

Roose Tarly
Draft · 2 min read

Working out in the gym is not an easy task. You are supposed to work hard, get tired, but at the same time you are supposed to follow a routine too. Working out is a rare combination of brain and brawn. The result is that you get to have more muscle, or more brawn over time. However, after some time of working out, you may find that you are hitting a plateau. This happens when your body is pushed to the maximum limit it can go, and then it can go no further. At this point you may work out as much as you want, but your muscle growth won’t happen. This is where you need a supplement like TST 1700, which is made with muscle growth in mind. However, not just old hands, but beginners woo can use this supplement because it boosts growth in muscle whether you are hitting a plateau or just starting out.

TST 1700 is a testosterone booster. This means that it boosts the production of testosterone in your body. The main ingredients that do this are herbal and natural supplements. Tribulus terrestris and saw palmetto are the two herbal ingredients of this supplement, and both are well researched and seen to help with production of testosterone. This boosts muscle growth, because testosterone is a hormone that is known to help with muscle.

Three other main ingredients of TST 1700 are amino acids. L-Arginine is a very popular supplement that is known to help with muscle growth. It does it by increasing a compound called nitric oxide in our blood, that in turn expands the blood vessels. This means that for each heart beat, our heart delivers more blood to our muscles. As our muscles receive more blood, they also receive more nutrients with the blood, which makes them grow faster. This extra nutrient push does not only help with growth, but also increases muscle endurance and strength.

TST 1700 is an excellent supplement that is supposed to be taken before the work out. Three pills should be taken about half an hour before the workout with a glass of water. Each bottle contains ninety pills, means it contains 30 servings, one for each day of an average month. If you want to improve your muscle growth, you should try this supplement for a month, and if the results suit you, continue using it before every work out.