Ethics in machine-learning, natural language processing, and AI

Next week, I’ll be in Spain thinking about ethics and artificial intelligence. You can find my 5-pg paper, “Goal-oriented design for ethical machine learning and NLP” alongside a bunch of others by going to

Or come chat with me in Valencia, Spain on Tuesday, April 4th between 4pm and 5pm!

That’s the poster — the images are conversation starters that are in the 5 pg paper, but not necessarily part of the text of the poster. A few notes on the pictures:

  • The planet stuff is about the problems of gender research in computational linguistics
  • The marshmallow is not really about S’Mores but a misunderstood psychology experiment on kids
  • The guy with the phone is the victim of an NLP request-for-proposals by an oil-rich country that said it was tracking sentiment on things like a new stadium but was really searching for dissidents.

If you want more details, check out the paper!