If Jesus is the truth:

A small take on John 14:6.

I think there are at least two ways to take Jesus’ claim.

On the one hand, we could take Jesus’ claim and say that those who do not have the truth do not have Jesus. This is an exclusive approach and leaves the definition of “the truth” up to those who claim to possess it. Which is why we could end up with so many different versions of truth and so many different Jesuses. This approach, whether we realize it or not, is an attempt not only to control “the truth” as we might choose to define it, but ultimately it is an attempt to control Jesus and therefore control who has access to Jesus.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this?

On the other hand, we could say to the degree anybody knows truth — no matter who they are, where they are, or whether they are even aware of his name — they have Jesus. This is inclusive and extremely threatening to those who would believe the truth is theirs to define. It’s threatening because it means that nobody has the market on Jesus covered. It means that, even though Jesus may be the only road to God, the roads to Jesus are infinite and God truly is not far off from anybody at all.

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