This week as part of my Journalism Technologies Module I have been learning all about Facebook.

Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media network and is used by practically everyone around the world.

I have always seen Facebook as just a way of staying connected with friends and family. I’ve never really used it for anything else.

However, after looking further into it I now realise that Facebook is a brilliant way of sharing information and news.

It’s will be something I use as a sports journalist as it means I can get information and news out as quickly as possible.

One feature that is really good for getting news out as quickly as possible is the LIVE feature, allowing the user to stream video live to viewers.

Here is a screenshot I took from a Facebook live post I used in a seminar.

Last week I did a similar blog about Facebook’s and how the news feed works. https://medium.com/@TSjournalism/the-kindle-app-who-controls-your-newsfeed-94d7d09cfe19?source=linkShare-f62a10af3ffe-1477915695