Freshers, Friendships and erm… Ivy Lee?

Its been 4 weeks since I moved to Huddersfield university to study Sports Journalism.

Seen as I’ve now had my fair share of lectures and “freshers” nights out, I thought it seemed a good time to look back on my first month at Huddersfield.

Living on my own has been my biggest challenge so far. For many reasons. The cooking, cleaning, washing and waitress service I got from my mum all seems like a distant memory, and more so a luxury now. I guess I took it for granted. Maybe.


Freshers week was a little crazy to say the least, but it certainly helped me settle in better to the university, living on my own and my course.

Not only did Freshers week drain me of soberness and a big section of my student loan, it gave me a good chance to meet other people in their first year and on my course who are in the same situation as me. Which was something I was worried I wouldn’t find before hand.

Friendships 👬👫👬👫

I’ve always been someone who when is at their happiest is around people, whether that be friends or family.

With this in mind, it was a daunting feeling going to live somewhere were I knew nobody. No family in the room next door or friends on the opposite street block.

The daunting feeling has soon turned into happiness however. Making friends with people in my halls and on my course has made the whole transition so much easier. Being around people who are similar to me and I can see myself been friends with throughout the year has given me hope and motivation.

Just as much I have enjoyed being around people similar to me I’ve taken just as much pleasure being around people who seem like they are totally from a different world. They aren’t from a different world, but I didn’t expect to be sharing my flat with people from Cyprus for example. It’s helped me learn new things and see stuff from a different perspective. The language of the Cypriots has been hard to get used to, but it has been funny. It’s been just as funny as learning to speak to people from “down south” because even they “dunt speak reyt like we do up ere’ in Leeds and Huddersfield you know”.

Ivy Lee?📔🖊📰

Who’s Ivy Lee? That’s exactly what I’d have said one month ago. Ivy Lee being the founder of modern public relations. That still wouldn’t have interested me one month ago and I’d have struggled to find a reason why he may entertain my thoughts.

My sports journalism course hasn’t been exactly what I’d have expected, I’ve learnt so much about topics I never thought I would need to know. Ivy Lee being one if these topics.

My course hasn’t just been endless discussions about what made the back pages in the papers, which I was first expecting. I have enjoyed learning about everything from Google and Twitter to the public sphere and imagined communities. All these topics i would have never had an urge to learn about before university but all topics have interested me to the point I have even changed my outlook on the way the world works. Which is quite crazy to say.

So overall, so far so good.