I have always used YouTube, I’ve definitely used it a lot more than I think I have as well. Everyday I watch videos and without realising it I do it through YouTube.

YouTube is the most visited video sharing site there is. Millions use it for many different reasons. Some use it to catch up on news, some sports and some humour.

I created my own video to try and see how easy it was to do so. I did use clips, sounds and text that YouTube gave me however the whole process was still enjoyable.

I like how you can play around with different tools before choosing your final piece.

It’s very easy to add different types of text to certain parts of the piece as well as adding music.

The picture above is a quick screenshot of the opening part of the video, I later edited this out but it shows how simple text can be put on front of a video.

Another reason I liked the video creating section of YouTube was because it was beginner friendly. I had never created or made a video and it was very simple for me to do so.

Anyone can go into YouTube create and account and create a video. I only see YouTube getting more and more popular because of this reason and it’s accessibility.