Behind the scenes: creating a logo for JOOF Mantra

JOOF Mantra is a Psytrance music label that operates under the wing of JOOF Recordings, an underground label originally set up in 1998 by John 00 Fleming.

Our task was to design a logo for JOOF Mantra, whilst keeping the “JOOF” word from the original JOOF Recordings logo.

The original logo of JOOF Recordings

Before the beginning, we had Googled “mantra logo” to see what we could find.

“mantra logo” search results

Mantra is associated with India, so it is no surprise that most companies use popular attributes of India: poor imitations of Hindi-like fonts, Om sign, lotos, and meditating man are the most common elements. We also wanted to get a slight connection to India, whilst avoiding the common cliché symbols.

A search for an idea and inspiration led us to Hindi alphabet:

We found the similarity of the [ra] letter from Hindi language with the latin “R”, and decided to use it as the basis for the future logo.

Here are some scribbled sketches:

There we began drawing:

We didn’t really like it this way, so continued to work further. We’ve changed the construction of the “A” letter, tried to round the ends up, experimented with the “M”, changed overall heights — eventually, got a bunch of new variations:

We have chosen the best one:

In meantime, we started working on a totally new idea:

Here we drew “Mantra” as a sound waveform. Making it bolder, we check the result:

Trying both options along with the main JOOF logo:

We had some concerns about the waveform-like logo. We’ve decided to check this idea in Google, and indeed, we have found some similar solutions in the other companies logos:

Okay, getting back to the initial idea. Here we have changed the “M” and the “N” letters:

Still wasn’t good enough. Transforming “N” to a lowercase:

Comparing the results:

The “N” definitely looks better. But at this point we concerned about the“A” letter. Decided to transform it to lowercase, too. Drawing some variations:


We have chosen a classic round shape, but decided to get rid of the serifs from the final “A”. Also, we increased the height of the letters that they did not seem visually smaller than the other letters:

Looking together with the JOOF logo:

We feel disharmony here. Working on the letters’ thickness:

The result:

There we didn’t like the different overall height of the logos. Making “Mantra” shorter:

Trying out both logos in horizontal and vertical variations:

Yes, now we like it! Sending this to the client:

The client is delighted — he really likes the logo.

Preparing the guideline and sending all the source files.

JOOF Mantra logo in our portfolio

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