My way to learn Japanese: Hiragana

Let’s start by saying that i always wanted to learn Japanese but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Be it because of no time or laziness. “Enough is enough” i told myself. I instandly searched for ways and methods to quickly learn a language i had no experience in. I came across hundreds of videos and sites to learn it. Everyone of these had one thing in common. Logically you need to learn the alphabet first. “Cant be that hard” i thought. How different can this be to a latin script right?

Hiragana source:

There are four compenents to the Japanese language. The Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and the Rōmaji. Pretty much every video or site suggested to start with the kana. That means to learn every character from both alphabets. I usually have a really hard time remembering things. So i looked up tips and tricks. I ended up finding a really good and fun site called . You will learn how to pronaunce and write every Hiragana. It’s usually 5 chracters that you need to learn after that you will take a small test with those and pass to the next 5. I started writing every character multiple times down because i coundnt remember the privious ones after a while.

After 8 hours of learning i started to use flashcards. I repeated to speak them out loud every hour and it has been way easier to remember them. Then i would go to and take the test.

still suck at writing beautiful tho

And now after ~14hours of learning i can read, speak and write every Hiragana out of my memory (besides ぬ,ねandわ). Katakana here i come!

Huge thanks to the creator off this App Japanese Kanji Study for allowing me to learn while im in my bed.

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