Privacy is a Myth

Any sort of sense of privacy is really a myth, and we are constantly being tracked online. Honestly though I feel like these are things that we’ve always know were happening to some extent, and we’ve just kind of put it to the back of our minds so we are not constantly on edge about what the government or companies know about us. When you thinking about it, at least I find it very frustrating, outside of the fact that there is potentially information about me that I rather not have out there, but also because I don’t really know what they know about me.

In the Do Not Track Me Documentaries, a couple of the ones I watched talked about how a bank could potentially look though my social media and decide if I’d be a good candidate for a loan or not. In the Documentary Like Mining, they had an interactive part of putting in your Facebook and assessing what you’ve liked to see if you’d be a good candidate for a loan. I don’t use my Facebook very much so I was kind of curious as to what it would think of me from the 150 things I have liked on Facebook. What annoyed me was with their algorithm they determined that I would be a high-risk for a loan as well as most other things they measured for. The only thing I could think of as to why I got these results was because a majority of the stuff I have liked on Facebook has been musicians/bands, and I think bands and musicians in general have gotten a sort of image of being a bit risky and out there, and maybe I’m reaching a bit there, but from looking at their results of me, and what I’ve liked the most of Facebook that was the best correlation I could make. Though, personally I don’t think that’s a very accurate assessment of me, and if a bank was considering a loan for me I wouldn’t want them look at this assessment. Though I think this is probably the way of the future, fortunately/unfortunately if this is possibly how we’ll be judged for loans or whatever else in the future, it would probably way more invasive and on everything we do online.

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