The Drama of Politics

This last election seemed to be more like a reality show then an election. With all the candidates bad rapping each other on social media as well as during the debates, and the nightly news covering more of the scandals over the actual issues, I think it is safe to say that this election was an utter mess. Not to say that other election years haven’t had their ups and downs, but this was one for the history books, and a lot of the causes for this is due to the media.

During this election social media had been used more than any other election before, where for some people that was their only source of keeping up with the election news, but this made it very easy for people to just believe whatever Facebook or Twitter was saying about a candidate and not really form their own opinion, and it also made people much more susceptible to just believing everything that is posted online about a candidate. Social media is also where Donald Trump changed the game by constantly tweeting about various issues, such as to insult his other candidates, or insult basically anyone. No matter how annoying it may have been, and continues to be, but he still kept people on their toes and interested in what he had to say next, which you couldn’t really say for all of the other candidates. Though there was some good that came from the rise of social media within politics as it gave a politician like Bernie Sanders a chance, as he gained support though social media when he was getting ignored by mainstream media. Sanders, was able to make unimaginable strides in his campaign that I don’t think many people expected, and he has to thank social media a lot for that.

Mainstream media isn’t off the hook either just because social media has had a bigger impact than before. As TV news stations have to compete with the news given out on social media as well as competing for ratings against every other TV network they would talk less and less about the important issues and more about the various scandals the candidates were involved in. Like think back to how often you heard about Hilary Clinton’s emails, in comparison to how often you heard about her policies, I bet you any bet that you remember more about those emails. We would even hear about every Trump tweet and scandal every night during the news but there were so many I can’t think of just one example to give. Though most news stations turned into a sort of E! News of politics during the election, and ignored many of the actually issues that will affect the American public. So the media kind of failed during this election though hopefully we’ve all learned something from this election, so we can do a better job in 2020.

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