Weekly Reflection #5

on this week’s exploration: the Virginia Tech Scavenger Hunt

For this week’s exploration, we were tasked with a scavenger hunt across campus. Participating in this scavenger hunt took me to many different places on campus, just as last week’s exploration challenged us to explore off-campus. While it may not seem that these explorations had much in common, both of these explorations evoked a sense of community for me. Not only are Virginia Tech students a member of their campus community, they are members of the Blacksburg community. Students patronize local businesses like restaurants and Main Street shops, and Blacksburg supports the university with infrastructure like public transit. The symbiotic relationship between Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg is one that we can model our own efforts towards community and relationship-building after.

As a student at Virginia Tech and a member of the Blacksburg community, I am proud to call this place my home. Every morning, I wake up happy that I chose to come to VT. My involvement in various activities at the college, while not as extensive as perhaps an upperclassman might be, also places me in different communities. For example, I am part of the Honors College. This community provides academic support, like-minded individuals and advisors to bounce thoughts off of, and opportunities to meet new people also in the honors college. I am also part of the community around my residence hall. This community provides personal support, opportunities to meet new people, and a place to relax and unwind.

Through these two smaller communities alone, I am afforded very different things. Both provide the connection to new people, but each community also provides something unique, not found elsewhere on- or off- campus. Herein lies the most important feature of college communities: membership is not exclusive. A student at Virginia Tech has the opportunity to be a part of so many different things in their time here, and each one of these things comes with its own community. The meshing together of different communities is perhaps one of the best features of a college campus. Every community has something to offer, and the discovery of these communities is part of the learning and growing process for all students.

Weekly reflections are part of the Virginia Tech Honors College First-Year Seminar curriculum. Each week, one or more articles are presented for reading and reflection. The weekly reflection can be guided by these articles, but is generally an unrestricted writing exercise bounded only by an upper limit of 500 words. These reflections are presented on Medium exactly as they were written and submitted each week.