As a Caribbean Youth I support a Theresa May victory

The UK General Elections which are carded for June 8th 2017 represent a very critical cross road in Global Politics and will have great impact on the Caribbean Region.

Therefore without a doubt, as a Youth of Trinidad and Tobago and Former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador I can resoundingly say that the Conservative Party is the way to real Global Development.

The UK Elections come at a period of time when Europe is redefining itself, when the World is adjusting to President Trump, North Korea is being usually unstable, the Chinese economy continues to grow and India is climbing unto the World Leadership ladder due to Modi's innovation.

Therefore the World needs a strong United Kingdom and that is only possible with a Conservative Government. The Conservative Party has made amazing strides within the UK within the past 5 years, such as reducing its debt burden, creating effective Education Opportunities, reducing unemployment to the lowest in 42 years and creating a Stable Economy.

Much credit must go to David Cameron but alot more must go to all the Conservative Members of Parliament and think tank which have delivered a very stable, successful and sustainable United Kingdom in the past 5 years.

However if this was a football match and David Cameron had scored the opening Goal, Theresa May has just headed home two more goals and will complete her hatrick on June 8th 2017.

What has been most impressive about Prime Minister May besides her unique humility is her vision and her steadfast approach to development. In essence Theresa May "knows where she wants to go and she is taking the UK to the promised land". As a Political Leader Theresa May is dedicated, committed and well suited if not perfectly prepared for the rough global world we face.

When the Political History Books are written Theresa May will not only be one of the best Prime Ministers the World has seen but one of the best leaders ever. Testament to her inspiration is the number of female and youth candidates taking part in this years General Election.

So a stronger UK with a Conservative Government led by Theresa May works for a better Global community especially for the Commonwealth. A United Kingdom governed with vision, principles and proper etiquette which the Conservatives seek to offer presents a world of opportunity for us in the Caribbean as it relates to strengthening our diplomatic and trade relations.

There is no doubt a Conservative Government being elected on June 8th 2017 will be in the worlds best interest.

Nicholas Morris
Youth Prime Minister Trinidad
Former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador
Founder TT Conservatives.

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