Trinidad Youth Supports Theresa May

As the UK election draws closer the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago are firmly behind British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Theresa May.

Though thousands of miles away, the Youth Prime Minister of Trinidad and Former Commonwealth as well as UN Youth Ambassador Nicholas Morris has launched a local online campaign to promote the work of Prime Minister May and her Conservative Party via the Trinidad and Tobago Conservative Movement.

Youth Prime Minister Morris is of the firm view that not only is Theresa May the only person to lead sustainable development in the United Kingdom but she is the perfect world leader to rebuild Global stability.

The Youth of Trinidad and Tobago have been greatly inspired by Prime Minister May’s vision, drive towards progressive development, integrity and most of all humility.

Trinidad and Tobago being a member of the Commonwealth Group of Nations as well as a Former Colony of Britain continues to believe that a strong, well governed and value based United Kingdom can not only become the Leader in World Development post BREXIT but can also lead the world in areas of trade, security and human development. However only a Conservative Government lead by Theresa May can accomplish those goals with her stable leadership and well defined leadership.

Theresa May’s huge lead in the polls thus far are as a result of her proper leadership skills and governance etiquette in the past year since taking over the mantle from David Cameron.

There is no doubt that Theresa May will deliver the largest Conservative Victory on June 8th and therefore we the Youth of Trinidad and Tobago stand firmly behind the greatest leader of the 21st Century.