5 Adult Learning Principles to Use in Your Training Methods

A concrete idea about “Andragogy” or, the art/science of adult learning, is imperative to impart proper and effective training. The trainer needs to possess sound knowledge of the key principles to make the training simpler and effective. That is why he/she should do his/her part carefully. There are numerous institutions that offer train the trainer courses in India. The aspiring corporate trainers can opt for any of them to increase their knowledge and understanding of andragogy. However, in this post, we are going to describe a few adult learning principles that all aspiring corporate trainers should know and make the most use of.

Experience of Your Trainees:
No adult trainee likes to sit for hours and listen to long lectures. They have their own experiences and points of view. You should make the best use of those to make your training sessions more interactive and fun. Ask them questions, interact with them, discuss matters with them and make them feel that their suggestions hold importance. Then they will feel more relaxed and sit through the sessions without much difficulty.

Self-Motivation and Self-Direction:
Adults hate to be dictated every now and then. They set their own rules and live by those. You should keep this in mind when training both the freshers and the experienced trainees. Do not dictate them around. Try to give them their breaks and let them come back on their own. Do not make them do anything that they do not like. Do not say “You have to” and related expressions. Try to be sober and patient with them, using expressions like “If you may”, “You can” and “It will be good if you” and etc.

Relevance and Relation:
Let the trainees relate to what you are saying. Therefore, you should address issues from the real life that are relevant to your training motive. Then you will notice a growing interest among your trainees as they will be able to relate to the issues being addressed. They will also give their best to work out the solutions.

End Results or Benefits:
Time is the most valuable resource and all adults are aware of it. So, they will never waste time to train themselves if they do not find anything profitable in those training sessions. You have to make them understand the importance of training and, how it can benefit them in the long run. Also, you have to give them an idea of the consequences of not training properly.

Participation and Activity:
Include fun activities in your training sessions and ask everyone to participate. Make small groups and give assignments to build their interest. The adults love to learn things by participating actively. In fact, they learn a lot during such activities and assignments. It boosts their competitive nature and helps them perform their best.

As a trainer, you also need to build your skills to impart effective training to the adults. Get certified in a training and development course in India and prepare yourself for a lucrative career in the field. There are numerous opportunities all awaiting your application. Attend train the trainer workshops, learn the principles of training adults and plunge in. Once you do that, there will be no looking back for sure.