National Aviation University in Kyiv, Ukraine

NAU campus

In this article you will learn about the international educational programs offered by the National Aviation University in Kiev to their students. Such programs — it is a good opportunity for students to improve their knowledge in their specialty, to study a semester or a year in Europe and even to get an additional diploma about it.

Students of NAU can participate at the international studying programs starting from the 2–3-year. One of the possibilities to study in Europe (doesn’t depend on the specialization of the student) is the so-called individual exchange program (from 2 weeks to 3 months). On the website of the international department each student can select a potential place of training from more than 100 partner universities. Taking into account the marks and the level of the language knowledge the university administration confirms the student’s candidacy with the university-partner who decides and determines the period of his teaching and scientific training.

Every year in the NAU there is organized the 2-weeks educational program in Poland — this is the internship (scientific exchange) and the Summer Students Practice. Students are invited by such schools as (training — in English) — Lublin University of Technology, Wrocław Technology University, International School of Logistics and Transport (Wroclaw), as well as the State Higher School of Professionals (Chełm). Expenses for living and studying are covered by the inviting side.

There are many programs for students of the engineering specialties. So, the students of the Institute of Air Navigation on a competitive basis can participate in 2-month practical training in the European units of the well-known organization “EUROCONTROL” (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation). For the period of this training, “Eurocontrol” pays travel expenses for the students and gives a scholarship in the amount of 900 euro per month. And the students of the Institute of Aerospace and Environmental Safety have the opportunity to undergo the training at the Dresden University of Technology (the duration of the program is about 3 months). This university covers all students’ expenses connected to studying and living, and trainees under the “Agricola” program receive the scholarship in the amount of 450 euro per month. Also the NAU organizes the scientific trainings at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (duration 2 weeks) and 3-month internship in France (the Higher School of Engineering in Lyon and France’s airlines).

For students of all faculties the NAU offers international summer schools, which take place in various European universities. They last for about 2–3 weeks and cost the average — from 300 to 600 euro. This fee covers all training and living expenses.

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