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Much has been written in the last week about British Airways food in-flight is changing but given that I rarely eat on a short-haul flight, I didn’t feel inclined to join the conversation.

However having just received this email, I’m inclined to express a view. It really does take some major marketing spin to describe introducing a paid service as an ‘upgrade.’ Are you kidding me?

Frankly British Airways, this sucks and is yet one more reason to fly Easyjet or dare I say it, Ryanair. At least their short-haul flights are reasonably priced so you don’t feel so aggrieved at having to put your hand in your pocket for a glass of wine!

So here is what you need to know:

From 11th January 2017, there will be no complimentary food service in Euro Traveller cabins on short-haul flights from Heathrow and Gatwick. You will instead be able to select from a seasonally inspired M & S menu with each item costing no more than £5.

Thankfully if you really don’t want to break into that fiver, you can purchase using your AVIOS but BE WARNED, cash is not accepted so you will have to use debit or credit cards if you don’t wish to splurge your AVIOS on a glass of wine. I’d love to know how many AVIOS that will cost!

British Airways food screenshot 2

British Airways screenshot

From summer 2017, this service will be extended to London City and London Stansted so it looks like you get a little longer to enjoy the uninspired in-flight food and FREE drink service on those flights.

Here are the food and drink menus. If you fancy a sandwich and fruit salad you will be looking at over £6. Add in a glass of wine for another £4.50 and your lunch has now cost over £10. For a couple, that’s an additional cost of £40 on your journey.

The irony of all this for me is that this change would barely have registered but for that one little word — upgrade. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to get annoyed until I boarded my flight to Albania next summer and realised I need to pay for my wine!

Although I used AVIOS for those flights let’s be under no illusions, they were not budget flights with my friends paying £500 for two flights. Surely that warrants a complimentary glass of wine?

British Airways food screenshot

British Airways screenshot

What are your options?

British airways are allegedly offering free refunds although the site is down today so I can’t actually check this! There is a special complaint form as well so clearly the message is not being well received.

What do you think of British Airways’s upgrade?

What are your thoughts on this upgrade? I’d love to know what other people think or whether it is just me being a grumpy northern lass.

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