Want better Direct Response Marketing Results? Focus on Mobile

Advertising is a necessity in today’s competitive business environment. However, ad budgets are limited for most small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and the US. Traditional advertising platforms like TV, radio spots and billboards are not always affordable for businesses with small budgets. And when controlling for cost, not so effective, either.

Direct Response Marketing offers a solution. Direct Response allows marketers to engage with customers through direct communication­: rather than relying on customers to respond to one of the hundreds of ads they are passively exposed to throughout the day, direct-response reaches out to customers face-to-face through the mail and electronic communication.

Direct Response Marketing (DRM) gets its name from the fact that it engages customers with custom communications, and the target responds directly to the ad they receive. Direct Response differs from traditional marketing for the following factors:

  • It’s trackable and measurable
  • It offers pinpoint targeting (choosing potential customers by location, interest, demography, income, etc.)
  • The call to action is an integral part of the ad
  • There are opportunities for remarketing
  • Opportunities for interactivity are endless

While the benefits of DRM are well known, the successful marketer takes it a step further. If DRM is a step forward, even better results can be achieved with direct response mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is primed to take on a bigger role within the industry, whether it’s a text messaging campaign, online advertising, or search engine marketing. In 2016, successful marketers will harness the power of mobile to achieve better results, and there are more than a few reasons why.

So what are the characteristics that make mobile marketing different and more dynamic than desktop? Here are a few ways that mobile marketing and DRM will form a perfect union for marketers this upcoming year.

The power of location targeting

Location targeting is a great way for marketers and small businesses to target potential customers who live or do business in a particular location. This can significantly boost conversion rates, as well-planned targeting will ensure that the distributed message reaches a receptive audience.

Mobile addiction

For better or worse, we live on our mobile devices. And that trend isn’t expected to reverse itself anytime soon. According to a 2015 report from Informate Mobile Intelligence, the average American mobile user checks his or her social media accounts a staggering 17 times per day. As for data usage, the same report found that the average user consumed 4.7 hours of data per day!

If you think those numbers are high, consider emerging markets like Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, Qatar, Mexico, and South Africa, where the average user checks their account 40 times per day!
With more people spending time on their mobile devices, marketers can reach out to the desired audience in more ways than ever before.

Better conversion rates and instant results

Mobile audience are likely to perform the desired action (conversion) because mobile provides more opportunities to do so, while also making it more convenient. This especially concerns micro-conversions such as calls, info requests, sms opt-ins, and newsletter subscriptions, among others.

For instance, people searching for the nearest pizzeria on their mobile device will directly call the number that shows up in their search results.

In contrast to traditional marketing, direct response marketing calls for a very specific action. This feature is makes it more effective. Once you add mobile to your DRM campaign, you’ll have even more ways to engage your targeted audience. The mobile “call-to-action” brings unlimited opportunities.

Interactive experience and engagement with offline ads

Contrary to what many believe, mobile marketing campaigns can be easily integrated with offline marketing schemes. A prime example is near-field communication (NFC). NFC devices let users interact with an offline poster (an NFC-enabled “Smart Poster”) by touching it with their mobile device.

NFC technology helps advertisers get more targeted information to consumers by engaging with their mobile devices. For example, if an interested customer taps the poster with an NFC-enabled device –smartphone or tablet — they can instantly pull up all of the info your company has provided. They can also opt-in to receiving additional mobile communications.

Measurement matters

The last but most important aspect for marketers is measuring the consumption choices of potential customers. There are two features distinguishing mobile analytics from desktop. Firstly, it’s possible to perform cross-device tracking: to identify the same user across different smartphones, tablets, and computers. This allows the marketer to know that the person using the iPhone is the same one logging in from the desktop computer, which then allows the brand to retarget that person accordingly.

Secondly, mobile marketing creates opportunities to track calls with call tracking software. Call tracking allows marketers to keep tabs on which ads are converting and which aren’t, allowing them to tweak their campaign for a better conversion rate and ROI.


If we know anything, it’s that Direct Response Marketing is an increasingly effective way to generate conversions, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Even more obvious, mobile usage is exploding, creating ever-more opportunities for savvy marketers to reach customers using smartphones and tablets. Combining these two principles into an integrated marketing strategy will define the success of many campaigns in 2016.

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