ID-ing an IRGC mystery boat

Recently the U.S.S. Thunderbolt had an encounter with an IRGC patrol boat in the northern Persian gulf. In the U.S. Navy video footage of the encounter, the cameraman calls the IRGC craft a “Nazar-class (or Nassar-class)” vessel. I had never heard of this class of IRGC vessel. When I conducted an internet search for the Nazar-class and Nassar-class, I got no useful results. It is possible “Nazar-class” may be a recognition name utilized only by the Navy. I do not know a lot about Navy recognition names. Perplexed, I set out to try and see if I could get more information about this type of IRGC vessel.

After examining U.S. Navy video footage, I visually ID’ed the mystery boat as a Parmida 6 crew boat. This was challenging because there are very few reference photos of the Parmida 6 available on the internet and there are many similar looking IRGC ships. Also, the source footage was filmed at a distance and is not very good quality.

The port side of the IRGC vessel from the July 25th incident. U.S. Navy footage.
The side profile of the Parmida 6 crew boat. Image taken from Iranian arms export catalogue.

We can see that the silhouette of the ship matches closely. Additionally, the bridge windows are an exact match.

A head-on view of the IRGC vessel from the July 25th incident. U.S. Navy footage.
Parmida 6 crew boats.

Other key identifiers are the white cylindrical objects flanking the bridge, which I assume are inflatable lifeboats, and a prominent angled mast antenna.

According to open source information there are actually two types of Parmida 6 boats. There is the smaller crew boat, which has a crew of 6, and a larger supply boat, which has a crew of 15. The Parmida 6 crew boat is intended to be used to transport troops and equipment to islands, as well as aid in the installation of emplaced weaponry. The larger Parmida 6 supply boat can transport food, water, fuel and up to 90 combat troops. Its aft deck can be used to carry trucks.

The Parmida 6 supply boat. Image taken from Iranian arms export catalogue.

The Parmida 6 boats were first launched in 2015. They are the latest improved designs of the original Parmida 1 boats which were launched back in 2010. The Parmida boats are designed and built by Iran.