Delta Weekly Digest — 2016/31

Welcome to the Delta Digest, a wrap of all of the things Delta found interesting on the internet this week.

Favourite News Stories

The Olympics start tomorrow. The opening ceremony takes place at 1:00 on Saturday and the first athletic event is the Men’s 400m individual medley at 3:00 on Sunday. So if you’re going to watch, prepare to have your sleep schedules messed up. The Netherlands is sending 241 athletes, seven of whom graduated from or are students at TU Delft.

Photo of the Week

The yellow brick road came to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for Europride.

Weird Science

TU Delft researchers are designing an airbag for your belt. The Wolk, as it is called, is a device that aims to reduce injuries from falls among elderly and other patients with mobility issues. The airbag deploys if the user falls, cushioning them from harm.

There’s a subterranean city underneath Greenland and it may be revealing its secrets. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built the facility in the 1950s to conduct polar research but it was abandoned. Built into the ice, the area has warmed due to climate change and may reveal the underground city.

Cloned sheep age gracefully, it turns out. The sisters of Dolly, the first cloned mammal, are now between seven and nine years old and show no signs of early aging or other health problems.

Tweet of the Week

Happy International Beer Day!

Animal of the Week

Maybe it should be animals of the week?
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