Delta Weekly Digest — 2016/34

Welcome to the Delta Digest, a wrap of all of the things Delta found interesting on the internet this week.

Favourite News Stories

Everyone celebrate! Prseco is no longer a luxury good in the Netherlands and thus you no longer have to pay a luxury tax on it. Cheers!

KLM gave a dinosaur, named Trix, a passport and let it board a plane to the Netherlands where it will now call the Naturalis in Leiden home. Trix is a female T-rex skeleton found in Montana three years ago and is one of the most complete skeletons in existence.

Only 40% of bachelor’s programmes and 30% of master’s programmes in the Netherlands are taught in Dutch, according to the Volkskrant. The TU has all English-language master’s programmes and two English-language bachelor’s programmes.

The traditions of student organisations in the Netherlands are officially a national heritage. Yes, that’s a thing. They join Sinterklaas and rijsttafel on the list of protected traditions. It’s not just drinking singing and hazing. It’s culture.

Photo of the Week

Trix’s ID card for her flight.

Weird Science

Last week, TU researchers were sending robots into the deep ocean. Now they are sending them to space. Researchers in the EWI faculty are working on a project to send nanosatellites to the moon to study radiation from the Big Bang.

It’s more than Pokemon Go. It’s CSI. Augmented reality is being used to help improve police investigative techniques and the researchers at TBM who are working on the projet hope that one day, you could recreate crime scenes in simulated reality.

Tweet of the Week

Us too. Us too.

Animal of the Week

Life goals.