itz time 2 buy back da block

Shit crazy we really need more music like this making it cool to invest in black communities and what’s best is that it’s coming from Ross, Tity Boi and Gucci Mane because you know the people who need to know about things like this the most today are not listening to Pharaoh Monch right now.

We need more music like this from rappers that we don’t typically classify as “conscious” orientated. Personally I don’t believe that “conscious” rap is exclusive to artists who display outstanding citizenship in their lyrics and say things that white people can turn into think pieces.

Imagine if 21 Savage made a song about black people legally practicing their second amendment and provided proper information on how to do such in his adlibs.

Anyway yeah this is a step in the right direction for rap man I would love to hear more rappers spend less time in front of DJ Vlad and more time studying and teaching their black fans on how to establish and protect themselves in America. Now of course the next step is for these three artists to go beyond just music and go out in their respective communities and actually help the less privileged buy back the block or at least teach the youth how to get in a position where they’ll be able to.

I can’t imagine just how uncomfortable the music industry would become if more “Buy Back the Blocks” were made, that is until LA Times write a story about how black rappers are promoting sustainability for black communities and then 2 Chainz and YesJulz team up with Vitamin Water and MTV and the original message is lost in a sinkhole of corporate dilution.

Now we just need Pusha T to drop a song called “Momma I’m So Sorry I Publicly Endorsed Hillary Clinton”.