Please point out to me where I do these things: “You have acknowledged that 3-year-olds are little…
Kimberly Harrington

Your entire post is “accidents happen”, and then you defended the mother for her negligence — it’s no longer an accident when you’re ignoring your child as he climbs into a gorilla enclosure.

And then in response to Paul Taylor, you said: “Kids are humans, not always capable of being 100% under someone else’s control. This is the biggest myth about parenting, that parents can always, ALWAYS “control” a child. Tell that to anyone who’s tried to “control” a baby who’s screaming on an airplane.” So you at least acknowledge that children always want to do their own thing — but that’s exactly why good parenting requires watching those children, so they don’t put themselves in dangerous situations like these.

Again — it was an easily preventable situation.

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