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Jul 19, 2017 · 4 min read

Welcome to the TU/e’s Women Wall of Fame! We would like to tell you regularly about the brilliant women we have at TU/e and what they’re doing for us, for you, for all of us. Women of TU/e: you are marvellous! 👩‍🎓

Dr. Regina Luttge

How can we use technology to make research into brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkingson’s and epilepsy, much simpler? Dr. Regina Luttge has developed a special micro-bioreactor for brain cells, no bigger than several millimeters, that allows us to investigate three-dimensional pieces of brain tissue on a chip, the so-called brain-on-a-chip.

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Prof. Masi Mohammadi

Can we build houses and use technology in such a way that we create a healthy living environment? Prof. Masi Mohammadi is researching architectonic and technological means and methods to develop smart environments that forsee in the needs of today and tomorrow, and which are fully integrated in daily life. These enabling environments make it possible to live independently in daily life, and in that way stimulate the participation in societal and social processes.

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Dr. Maria Vlasiou

How to design the parking lot of the future, where all customers are satisfied, even if they want to recharge their electrical car all at the same time? In her research dr. Maria Vlasiou uses mathematics and stochastics to develop models that optimize complicated interactions and problems that arise in practical situations, such as manufacturing, call centers, and healthcare.

As president of the EWM-NL (a platform for all female professional mathematicians working in The Netherlands) she hopes to raise the visibility of women in mathematics, and by doing so making it more attractive to a new generation of female mathematicians.

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Professor Kitty Nijmeijer

Photo: Zandrie Borneman

Professor Nijmeijer’s Membrane Materials and Processes research focuses on one thing: to not abuse earth. She is keen for her work to contribute to a circular economy. A relatively new and growing problem on which Prof. Nijmeijer is working concerns the increasing concentrations of micro-pollutants, like medicines, hormones, drugs and pesticides, in drinking water. Currently these substances are only present in our water in very low concentrations but if we don’t do anything, these will ultimately become a health risk and contaminate our drinking water. These substances can’t yet be removed, but Prof. Nijmeijer hopes that the new membranes being developed by her group will be able to achieve this within five years.

Prof. Nijmeijer on YouTube:

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Professor Evangelia Demerouti

The research of professor Demerouti touches all of us. Her research focuses on how work influences well-being, health and functioning of individuals and what they can do themselves to improve these, including job crafting and recovery. This is not only important to you, your health, and your career, but can also make the difference between success and failure in organizations.

Besides her research, she is also one of the great driving forces behind the route to gender equality on the university, and our goal for more women on key positions in the organization. In september 2017, Prof. Demerouti was appointed as the first Chief Diversity Officer at TU/e.

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Professor Carlijn Bouten

Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

Professor Bouten is realizing the dream of a creating a living heart valve. A valve that is grown inside the patient’s body at the site of destination and that consists of the patient’s own tissue. As such, this valve should be able to repair itself, grow with the patient and last a lifetime.

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