Author: Dr. Tara Loughrey Cohen, Director of Education, The Victory Center

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder, also known as a spectrum disorder with varying degrees of severities. While progress has been made in identifying autism earlier in development and increasing community awareness, we may often associate certain difficulties experienced by those on the spectrum to be a direct reflection of autism rather than an underlying mental illness. Parents, professionals and the community may tend to attribute manifestations of behavioral and emotional outbursts as part of autism rather than mental illness.

Problematic behavior such as the inability to sit still…

Autism has no borders and prevalence has increased to rates of 1 in 59 (CDC, 2018). Yet, 18 years ago, at a time when the journey of having a child diagnosed was far less navigated, one family’s story became a platform for hope and change in South Florida. A program which started with one classroom has touched hundreds of lives since its inception.

From the children who learned to speak their first word, to the children who learned to ride a bike, The Victory Center has transformed lives. In turn, these victories have impacted family members making the diagnosis of…

Welcome to the new Victory Center and the 2018/19 school year!

At the onset, I would like to thank everyone associated with The Victory Center for their dedication and patience over the past three years. I also want to thank the entire staff and all the teachers of The Victory Center for their hard work in setting up their new classrooms for this upcoming year!

Deciding to build a new school, seeking funding and donations in order to accomplish this goal while remaining committed to a first-class education has been both challenging and rewarding. …

The Victory Center

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