Autism has no borders and prevalence has increased to rates of 1 in 59 (CDC, 2018). Yet, 18 years ago, at a time when the journey of having a child diagnosed was far less navigated, one family’s story became a platform for hope and change in South Florida. A program which started with one classroom has touched hundreds of lives since its inception.

From the children who learned to speak their first word, to the children who learned to ride a bike, The Victory Center has transformed lives. In turn, these victories have impacted family members making the diagnosis of autism far less intimidating. A small private school has become a center where parents receive training on practices from promoting better sleep to accessing government services.

In addition to becoming a beacon of hope, The Victory Center is poised to contribute to the rapidly growing field of behavior analysis through autism research and training of future practitioners. It has been my utmost pleasure to translate years of academic training and research with the brightest behavior analysts across the country to The Victory Center teachers. Many are the future of applied behavior analysis, a science that has a plethora of research efficacy for individuals with autism. Teachers start their internships at The Victory Center with a passion to learn the necessary skills to become better practitioners and potentially, one day direct a center of their very own. The responsibility of training future leaders and changing the trajectory of autism, is of utmost importance to society. The Victory Center is rising to this challenge, graduating well-trained behavior analysts who are delivering autism services across the country and the world.

The Victory Center leadership is also committed to conducting research of our approaches to ensure that we are continually performing on the cutting-edge. Whether it be our treatment practices or technology, there is a strong commitment to data-based decisions. These outcomes are then shared with our academic community on the national and global stage through professional presentations and publications.

Our future is bright and I am proud of our accomplishments. However, our work is far from complete particularly with our recent move to a state-of-the-art facility that represents and supports all that we do. A torch lit by the Nelson family has inspired many who are committed to see the mission continue to impact this generation and many to come.


Dr. Tara Loughrey

Director of Education