30 Days of Blackhawks fandom part 1

SB Nation’s Blackhawks blog, Second City Hockey, is doing a 30 day challenge with a new topic/question every day. I thought I would go through and answer the first ten days worth of questions here. Quick note though: I started to get into sports when Toews/Kane were making their debuts, so yeah these responses will have a strong recency bias. It only makes sense. Without further ado:

  1. Why are you a Blackhawks fan?

Both of my parents were born in Illinois, so they grew up Blackhawks fans, to the extent they actually cared about hockey(they didn’t really). I was also born in Urbana, Illinois, so I was predestined to be a Blackhawks fan. I gladly went along with that, and the rest is history really. It took me a little longer to get into hockey than other sports, but once I watched, I was hooked.

2. What is your favorite Blackhawks Memory?

I mean, I feel like it’s almost cheating to pick any of the cup moments. Kane’s OT goal was amazing, as was 2 goals in 17 seconds and game 6 of the 2015 Final may have been my favorite memory of all. Although, all three are contenders for spots on my Mount Rushmore of sports moments(that’s it’s own piece), I want to pick another memory that doesn’t involve winning the cup. I have to go with either Seabrook’s OT winner in game 7 vs. the Red Wings, or Kruger’s 3OT winner against the Ducks. Seabrook’s is a favorite for obvious reasons, but also because I was so pissed off their regulation goal was waved off. The Kruger goal might just be my favorite because it was like 3 AM EST, and I was tired as hell. That one might be my favorite because I only got like 3 hours of sleep, but I went to bed happy so I love that memory. Completely worth it to be exhausted the next day.

3. Who is your favorite Blackhawks player of all time?

Jonathan Toews. Easy. Great two-way player, kills penalties and on the power play, great leadership, and seems to be a great guy. I mean, he’s nicknamed Captain Serious and that about sums it up. Oh, that and he is 27, with three Stanley Cups. After one year, I do have to admit that I have really come to love Artemi Panarin, like many other Blackhawks fans.

4. Where is your Favorite Place to watch a game?

My basement where I can be away from other people and scream at my T.V. as much as I want without causing too much disruption. Normally I am not a huge fan of watching with other people, so being holed up by myself in my basement is a great place to do that.

5. What is your favorite area to sit at the United Center?

While I may have been born in Illinois, I moved to the Baltimore area before school started. I have never been to the United Center, but I would imagine the best place to sit would either be in a luxury box, or right next to the rink.

6. Who Introduced you to hockey?

Um… This one is kind of complicated. I guess I introduced myself to hockey. My parents never really watched it. None of my friends were really into it. I watched it, and got myself addicted to it.

7. Your Unpopular Hockey Opinion

While I have plenty of unpopular sports opinions, I’m not sure how many of those involve hockey. As much as scoring can be exciting, I think I enjoy close, low-scoring games more. They are just more exciting to me.

8. Who is your favorite hockey writer?

I have a few. I really enjoy reading Mark Lazerus and Chris Hine. Both are really thoughtful guys, and I like reading what they have to say about the Blackhawks. I also enjoy reading Elliotte Friedman’s 30 thoughts.

9. Who is your favorite current player?

Well, my favorite player of all time is Jonathan Toews so he takes the cake here. I also really like Duncan Keith(again, big shocker). I just really like guys who are great on and of the ice, something that Keith exemplifies. Especially over the last two years it has become nearly impossible to hate Kieth if you are a Blackhawks fans. I also have a soft spot for Crawford due to some of the hate that he gets. I like guys like that(I am a big Cutler fan as well as D-Rose and Bryce Harper fan). But Toews is my favorite current player.

10. Player Jersey you want the most

Well the only jersey/sweater that I currently have is a Toews one, so this one is a tough one. So many choices. Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Kane, Hossa, Tuevo, Panarin, Kruger, Shaw, and Crawford would all be good choices. A sleeper pick would be Trevor van Riemsdyk. For whatever reason, I have really grown to like him. but if I had to only get on jersey, it would be hard to go against either Kane or Crawford.

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