70s Lady Private Eyes: Drew, Columbo & the Angels

This installment of Advanced TV Herstory looks at the pioneer lady private investigators — the ones from the 1970s.

We’ll review dialogue and set up, starting first with Nancy Drew. You’ll find an entire Advanced TV Herstory installment dedicated to the Nancy Drew Mysteries and it’s important in this context to realize that it followed Charlie’s Angels.

Then we’ll revisit the 1979 attempt at Mrs. Columbo, a spin-off from the Columbo police detective series starring Peter Falk. Kate Mulgrew starred as the title character and was fresh off her departure from ABC soap opera Ryan’s Hope, where she played fan favorite Mary Ryan.

Finally, we’ll take a shot at putting Charlie’s Angels into this context. Volumes have been written and specials produced. Facts, fandom and feminism contribute to the controversial legacy of Charlie’s Angels.

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