A Podcast About Women, TV & Persistence: Year 2

We love our TV & women need all the inspiration and feminist perspective we can get. This year focused on persistence and representation, producing episodes about feminism, visibility of women in politics on TV & great looks at careers and legacies of women in and of TV.

Which ones did you miss? What are you waiting for?

> Lessons learned in 2 years

> Holidays that appear in TV plots: Bewitched holiday 1970 & we totally underestimated Florence Henderson’s impact on the world

> Woman’s right to make her own health care decisions (Sissy Spacek’s TV Movie & China Beach)

> Daytime dramas & spectacles (Agnes Nixon, Prof. Elana Levine’s book & Vulture Culture)

> Careers & Legacies (Latina actress Marlene Forte, ventriloquist Shari Lewis, and awesome feminist Dinah Shore)

> Writer for TV (interviews with Susan Silver and April Smith)

> Politics as seen in Geena Davis’ Commander in Chief, Maude & the voice of Rosie O’Donnell and the women TV journalists who reported on the Watergate scandal.

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