China Beach Tackles the Topic

This installment is at the heart of why this podcast even exists. It’s an incredibly deep dive into a TV series that is just old enough to be considered obscure. China Beach (1988–1991), to its devoted fans, was anything but worthy of obscurity. In fact, the writing and plot lines are so incredibly rich that it’s really quite timeless.

Season 3 spelled out for viewers the every day dilemmas faced by women performing essential services within the fields of combat. Told through the experience of Season 3 guest star Ricki Lake, “Holly’s Choice” explored morals, ethics and friendship among both women and men in Vietnam. Due to the episode’s controversial content, it aired only in Season 3 on ABC and never ran again in syndication. It can only be seen on the DVDs.

In addition to Ricki Lake, actresses Marg Helgenberger and Dana Delaney delivered awesome performances with a script crafted by Carol Flint and Lydia Woodward.

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