The Restaurant Reservations Game is About To (Finally) Get Wild
nick kokonas

Hi Nick,

Great overview of the reservation systems. I know you approached from the business side and that was great but I would like to approach from the consumer side. The biggest issue with everyone’s app is getting it pointed in the right direction. I fight them all at times. Work needs to be done to easily add the city and restaurant you are interested in without being referred to several other restaurants before you actually get to the one you are looking for. Do that on the back end if its paid ads. Next, how about more of what the consumer wants, ability to book a specific table, ask for a specific server, have a certain bottle of wine decanting when you arrive or a bottle of champagne already on ice and at your table when you sit down. I can keep going but you get the idea. Yeah the reservation systems work and are sometimes a time saver of lifesaver but more thought needs to be given to the consumer/customer asks. Yes, some of these requests may come with a price tag, but certain consumers will pay extra to get the service they desire. On the restaurant side, enforcement that servers and hosts look at the notes in the reservation. Many times I make notes about a birthday or special occasion and get there and have to go through it all again simply because the restaurant did not read it ahead of time. Just a few thoughts from a guy who uses the apps, enjoys a great meal with excellent service! Now I am going off to download Tock and start trying your service. Thanks.