If you are reading this, then you might have developed your mobile app by this time. Your app looks great and works fantastically, all there is left now is sit back and watch the number of downloads.

Unfortunately this is not the case always, when it comes to mobile apps. In most cases, mobile apps become the source of frustration for businesses. You have to make a tough decision whether to invest more in marketing and promotion or to wait and watch it disappear in the hugely crowded app store.

So, how can you increase the number of app downloads? Luckily there are some ways by which you can promote your brand new mobile app without breaking a bank.


According to recent studies, around 85% of apps in the Google Play Store are free and are way more popular than premium apps in terms of downloads. When you launch your mobile app, launch it as a free app for a limited time period to grab a large consumer base and later add advanced features to make it a premium version. This simple promotional strategy will help you garner a large user base within days.

A lot depends on the kind of App you are building. If it is a B2C App, you might want to make a lot of email promotion, free virtual giveaways etc.


Social media is key for App promotion. Create your App accounts on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Social media represents various markets, industries and groups. Each positive response is a plus for you; engaged users will become the digital carrier of your app on social media.

How you leverage users, reward them, get them to refer is a strategy by itself. Remember getting those invites for Clash of Clans of Facebook from nearly every friend of yours on Facebook? That was a key strategy for Clash of Clans to garner a large base of users extremely fast.

Researching what your users like about your App, getting them to share that on Social makes a huge difference for the App’s success.


The App Store is similar to Google search and has ranking criteria for specific keyword searches. This is where App store optimization comes into play. App title, App description, App logo and screenshots play a vital role in App store optimization. It’s always better to write App description in the form of a bullet list that highlights the important features of your App.

Remember if your App works on Tablets, you need to have screenshots for them too. The more detailed your description is the better. Users take a quick look at the screenshots and decide if this is something they would like to use or not.


Create a dedicated website as a standalone entity for your App. This will help you highlight your new App to potential customers. Your App site should be simple and straightforward. Showcase large download button that catches the eyes of customers.


Designing a unique logo that stands out is important. Look at the Apps that you use the most, see how they are designed to focus on one alphabet, phrase or word that really stands out. You can brainstorm and see which logo designs for the App would stand out.


Most people tend to buy products or services from local stores if available. Thus, it makes sense for App owners to focus on local marketing also. You can make use of resources like local newspapers, bulletin boards, local media, flyers, public access channels to advertise your app. This form of marketing is relatively cheaper than other types of advertising.

Again it depends on what your target audience is. Look at all possible mediums, try out few to see which works and invest more on mediums that give you maximum returns.


Instead of generating random traffic to your App page by using various tips and tricks, you should make sure that your App is discovered by relevant and genuine users who will install the App and benefit. When everything goes right, these users will become your loyal followers. Read More: https://goo.gl/3TV6ez

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