Be it any field, today’s innovative technologies are literally revolutionizing every industry and Healthcare is no exception to it. Digital innovations in healthcare are here to stay. Like most industries, healthcare industry is evolving with new technology.

It is expected that Technologies will transform every aspect of health care including diagnostics, treatments and delivery of care in the future. Though technology has been the major force behind innovations in every industry, healthcare has been largely unaffected by the rapid pace of technological innovation. However, this is changing.


A new era of medicine has just begun in which each person can be clearly defined at the individual level, instead of a population level.

With the help of today’s healthcare technology, we can digitize humans — Yes! We can remotely and continuously monitor each patient’s heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing rate, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, blood glucose levels, brain waves, activity, etc.

Here are some of the many technological innovations in healthcare in recent years. Some of them are still being developed, while others are slowly being introduced into mainstream healthcare systems. Read More:

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