How IoT is revolutionizing everyday Life

In today’s digital world, retailers are trying hard to redefine the way we shop, hoping to completely blur the lines between our in-store and online experience. Thanks to the latest advances in technology like IoT (Internet of Things), we’ll soon be able to shop our favorite products like never before. IoT is expanding at a massive pace, and it’s going to bring about a revolution in the retail industry. While it may take few more years for mainstream adoption of IoT, its impact on the retail world has already begun. Here, take a look Click here

5 Ways IoT is Driving Digital Transformation

IoT (Internet of Things) advancements and its success began with personal devices. IoT devices can literally transform your company’s digital landscape by simplifying tasks and enabling last mile connectivity. In today’s digital age, consider how much IoT matters and how it can boost your business. Here, have a look at the ways by which IoT is driving digital transformation.

How the internet of things is revolutionizing retail industry?

Traditional brick and mortar retailers are having a tough time competing against digital retailers who have guzzled up huge pie of the retail market. Due to declining customer base and shrinking profits, more and more retail stores are closing their doors. As more and more consumers moved from physical retail stores to digital stores; making purchases with the tap of a finger, the retail game has transformed.

Because of the tremendous growth of IoT (Internet of Things) and change in shopping trends, the customer experience has become more important than ever. This led to explosive growth of ads from retailers inviting you to try their apps. There is a huge competition in creating the next big thing that will offer the best shopping experience for the customers in the digital space. Here, have a look at how IoT is revolutionizing retail industry Click here

Wearing your technology on your sleeve

There was a time when X in the English alphabet held allure and was sought after. Today, it is Y’s turn and soon, Z will have its way. This, essentially, is a reference to a shift in the world’s demographics. A majority of the current global workforce comprises Gen Y and it won’t be long before Gen Z makes its debut. With this passing of the guard to the millennials and their successors, there’s also a fast growing acceptance that this generation, literally, brings technology to the table irrespective of the task at hand.

From desktop computers to laptops, from cell phones to smart phones and from tablets to wearables; evolution is the only constant in this space. There’s no dearth in demand for wearables as a quick look at the sector’s financial outlook suggests that this space is just short of an explosion, especially, in the mature markets. So, what does the millennial generation expect from its wearable technology?

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