The arrival of Smartphones and mobile technologies has changed the marketing landscape. Today, mobile content is performing better than all other media types. In fact, mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches in 2015 and have soared ever since then. These statistics are from Google and it shows the rise in popularity of multi-platform usage.

Despite this tremendous growth in mobile searches, businesses aren’t quite keeping up with mobile content creation. Thus, it is essential to determine ways to increase mobile marketing conversions to boost ROI.

Here are the ways by which you can boost conversion rates and improve ROI for your business or brand:


When it comes to mobile marketing, consistency is the key. You cannot expect a higher mobile conversion rate with a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy. You should provide offers regularly to entice and engage customers. You can send out a promotional email every Friday or on the first Monday of each month depending on your feasibility. With the right offers being sent at the right times on a regular basis, you’ll surely see some improvement in conversion rates.


Personalized user experience tends to perform significantly higher in mobile conversions. Use personalized content and behavioral targeting features to boost mobile conversion rates.

Your content should be targeted based on customer behavior and other factors. This will help you offer an engaging customer experience that is both interactive and tailored to the individual needs of customers.


Mobile marketing works similar to social media. If you’re not focusing on both, then you’re more likely to waste a lot of time and money. Today, nearly 80% of mobile internet users are using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter from their smartphone. Thus, you can run a social media campaign which will encourage fans and followers to engage with your mobile campaign.

Whether you provide special offers to users who engage on social media or promote your website or mobile app, the level of engagement that you gain in social networks can significantly increase your conversion rates.


You can use QR codes, smart images, NFC tags, etc., to increase mobile conversions. By effectively embedding these things into your mobile marketing campaigns, you can offer incentives to the visitors and lead them to interact and flow through the sales funnel.


In today’s digital world, customers no longer separate marketing between in-store or online experience. Whether you’re selling in person or receiving a conversion online, conversion rate is the vote of confidence that creates personal relationships. Use the above-mentioned strategies to boost your conversion rate which will help you increase ROI. For any queries contact us! We are happy to assist you. Read More:

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