Top 10 Considerations for Cloud Migration

Digital transformation has touched almost every industry. Businesses are moving to Cloud in record numbers and it indicates that the Cloud is here to stay.

Cloud Migration requires a clear strategy and a sound knowledge of key aspects involved in it. The process of deciding whether or when to migrate to a cloud environment can be tedious task.

Here are the top 10 considerations to make the Cloud migration process easier for you,


If you are migrating from a completely on-premise ecosystem to a Cloud-based solution, then you will need additional bandwidth which must be planned in advance.


One of the major aspects to consider before migrating clouding is identity management. If you use Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for handling Identity, you will have two options in Cloud i.e. Cloud-only or synchronized for identity management.


Understand each licensing models before purchasing as one licensing model will greatly vary from another’s. Some Cloud service offer licenses on a pay-as-you-go basis. So, it is vital to consider all types of licensing model before migrating to cloud.


With Cloud, backup options will also change as it is entirely different from traditional infrastructure. Thus, depending on your service model SaaS or PaaS, your backup plans will also change. Read More:

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