Hillary Lies About North Korea And Syria, Proves She Was The More Hawkish Choice
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin — i have read several of your posts — you are a bit of an enigma — A lot of writers using Medium are so far left they are all port — you do not seem to be distinctly right or conservative as such — but you clearly have a distrust for the mainstream media — That I applaud :)

Today in Canada an internet rag called the National Observer (they desperately want to be mainstream) went at the upstart Rebel Media https://www.therebel.medi a/ with a headline story and a stream of hatred — you can read it here — http://www.nationalobserver.com/2017/05/09/opinion/french-election-scandal-traced-canadas-rebel-media — National Observer continually claims to be independent media and when i have asked them several times via email to the founder, what they are independent from I do not receive a response. The founder of National Observer is the sister of this guy https://www.bcbusiness.ca/joel-solomon-the-conscientious-capitalist

And the hatred for anything capitalist or Oil sands or even resource based fills the virtual pages —

You Miss Caitlin, Appear to be more than simply opinion, more than ranting hatred for a particular side — you seem to have a cause — i do though find it difficult to sort it out — to fully understand you and your motivation —

Personally i like Ayn Rand — Beautiful love story wrapped in a social documentary wrapped in a psychological biopsy as told one day while it was too wet to work in the garden… (both Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugged) I also like Anaïs Nin and have also read all her published Journals — Gustaf Strömberg — Marshall McLuhan — W. Somerset Maugham also populate my bookshelves — you i am now also reading with some delight —