My Uncle Sends Me a Box of Trash Every Year for My Birthday — Here’s What He Sent This Year
Alex J. Mann

Uncle David will likely find his shop inundated by treasure seekers of all sorts after today —

My mom often did stuff like this too — though not random crap instead it was random stuff she picked up at various thrift stores —

in her home she had boxes and envelopes with the names of friends- relatives and immediate family written in indelible ink upon each —

when one filled she would trape down to the local postal outlet and send it off in the mail — books — clothes — utensils — catalogues — cards for the last multiple holidays that past as the package filled — buttons and stuff — like news letters for some obscure place she knew you went to once and may still be interested in — all age appropriate — and in one case mom met a girl friend of the day and sent a box containing thousands of dollars worth of high end vintage clothes all designed for a professional woman — mom worked in a used clothes consignment shop — she had met my girlfriend once — and every item fit as if it had been tailored to her —

When mom moved to independent living i cleaned up her space there were boxes everywhere with her trademark indelible ink hand lettering — one for me — one for a person who had died already — and some for her grand children which i gave to them next time i saw them —

mom is now 96 and in an extended care home — doing great though not filling boxes and envelopes anymore

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